Is it Love or a Fake Relationship?

We’re excited to tell you about a new book, My Fiancé: Serial Cheater and Narcissist by J.T. O’Brien. It’s based on a certain fake Professor from Younde Cameron that uses, manipulates and cheats women (JG). He is NOT what he appears to be.

The course will be told in the first person by Jennifer. Here is an excerpt of her story.

My name is Jennifer and this story is my personal experience living with and being engaged to a serial cheater and narcissist for the past 8 years. This story is real, raw and disturbing. It shocked me to my core when I found out the man I was in love with and my partner, was NOT the man I thought he was.

My fiancé, Jean Paul, was living a double life of cheating with many women around the world, all while weaving an intricate web of deceit and manipulating me the entire time. He frequently travelled to Cameroon as a professor, where he was born. I discovered that he was having sexual relationships with two women there (Florence and Virginie), all while we were living together and engaged to be married. He was engaged to Florence and he duped me into believing that Virginie was a cousin of his when she was in fact his ex-girlfriend. In Maryland, where we lived, he had an ex-wife, Dr. Patty, that he was stopping by to have sex with periodically and a girlfriend, Mary that he was seeing on the side as well. In Paris, he also had a girlfriend, Corinne. Almost all of them thought they were the only one, including me. I guess this made him feel like a big man. His two sisters in Europe and probably his other family members knew he was a gigolo, but no one warned me about any of this. No wonder his sister in Vienna laughed out loud when we told her over the phone that we were engaged.

Even though this was extremely painful to come to terms with, I decided to write a book chronicling my personal experience, so other women, or men, do NOT fall into the same trap that I did.

This book and course will not only give you an intimate peek into the life of a gigolo, serial cheater and narcissist, it will provide you with valuable information on how to spot and deal with this type of personality as I go into detail about the profile of a serial cheater and narcissist.

I wish someone would have warned me about men like this, said Jennifer. I was naive and had no idea there were people like this in the world. I have no medical degrees, but at this point I believe I should have a PhD in dealing with serial cheaters and narcissists.

I only hope by writing this book I help other people avoid the pain and suffering I experienced.

Stay tuned to find out more about this book.

TOEFL Prep Course

American English Language Institute (AELI) is now providing a TOEFL prep course to enable students to prepare for and pass the TOEFL test.

International students and workers must take standardized English tests to study at educational institutions, or for employment purposes in the U.S. The major test that universities and employers use worldwide is the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL).

TOEIC Tests Communication in the Workplace

TOEIC measures the daily English skills of people in the workplace. Companies sometimes use the TOEIC to measure progress in English training programs. They also use it to consider employees for placement at the right level in language programs. According to ETS, the maker of the TOEIC test, about 14,000 organizations in 150 countries use the TOEIC.

TOEFL Tests English Used in the Classroom

Most people only know one TOEFL test, but there are several versions of the TOEFL

  • the Internet-based TOEFL, or TOEFL IBT, is taken on a computer
  • the paper-based TOEFL
  • TOEFL Junior test is for young people between 11 and 15 years old
  • TOEFL Primary test for those over the age of eight

AELI Prepares Students for the TOEFL and TOEIC Test

No matter which test you take, you must understand and be prepared for the test you will be taking. AELI understands the different tests and helps students prepare for the test they will be taking, so they can successfully pass their test.

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Innovative Online English Courses for Students

American English Language Institute (AELI) is now offering innovative online English courses for students at all levels, including beginner, intermediate and advanced. Students can access these courses anywhere in the world and anytime.

These innovative online courses give students the flexibility to take courses online in the comfort of their own home, or at select partner school sites with an instructor onsite. Students have the option of taking beginner, intermediate or advanced courses, depending on their level of understanding in English.

Courses include comprehensive lectures with videos, quizzes and excerises for reading, speaking, writing and vocabulary.

Upon successful completion of the English courses, students receive a certificate of completion.

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AELI Offers Online TOEFL Prep Course

American English Language (AELI) is offering online TOEFL prep courses. toefl logoNow students no longer have to travel to prepare for TOEFL Testing. toefl-talks-header-graphic

The TOEFL test is desired by many universities worldwide because it measures all four communication skills

  • Reading
  • Listening
  • Speaking and
  • Writing

AELI has a TOEFL prep course that focuses on these four skill sets. The course includes lectures, videos and exercises that test these areas, so students are prepared to pass the TOEFL test.

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