The Institute of American English Language is offering an American English language program that is direct from the U.S.A. Smaller Institute of American English Language 300dpi - Copy

We are currently involved in programs for high school and primary school students where students can take English classes at their own school.

IAEL also has a program for professionals and business. Students have the option of taking courses wherever they want. They can take courses at our English Language Labs, at work, or online at home.

English Language Program

We offer a program for non-native English speakers, which integrates reading, writing, speaking and grammar with a listening component. We will start with basic vocabulary, such as everyday words moving to more complex words. The objective of the program is to develop the student’s speaking and listening skills, as well as writing and reading comprehension, vocabulary development and grammar with the goal of making the student comfortable and successful in an English speaking academic and business setting.

We offer three levels of English classes, including:
• Basic English
• Intermediate English
• Advanced English

Basic English

This course focuses on basic vocabulary, every day phrases, phonetics, mouth formations for sounds, basic reading, listening and conversation skills, basic verbs, prepositions and basic sentence formation. Exercises are interactive and motivational to make learning English a positive and enjoyable experience for the students.

Intermediate English

Students in this course further develop their reading, listening, speaking, grammar and vocabulary skills, through the use of interactive exercises, in order to prepare for academic life in the U.S. or to study English. Topics include vocabulary used in everyday life. Writing development focuses on sentence building and simple paragraphs.

Advanced English

Students in this course focus on enhancing their writing, reading and speaking skills to be prepared for academic life in the U.S., or to study English. The course includes interactive exercises that cover critical thinking and advanced writing. The reading section includes summarizing and comprehension.

Exam Preparation

IAEL offers a TOEFL exam preparation course to help students pass this important exams.

Professional Language Program

We offer another American English program for professionals who speak English, but wish to  improve their English speaking and communications skills to prepare them for continuing their education, or furthering their career goals. We offer two courses in the English Speaking program:

• Oral Communications
• Written Communications

Oral Communications

This course develops skills in oral communication, including American pronunciation and hearing with the goal of sounding like a Native American speaker. This course will focus on speech delivery and presentations.

Written Communications

This course will enable students to write a variety of documents, including email, letters, memos and news articles. The course will focus on techniques for writing clearly, concisely and persuasively.

Customized Language Program for Business

We offer a customized language program for business. Let us design a customized program to meet your specific business needs.